Sunday, March 1, 2015

Welcome to The Little Urban Homestead!

As we're just getting started around here, bear with us. 

Welcome to The Little Urban Homestead. Located outside of Erie, Pennsylvania, we are a family of 5 who were lucky enough to purchase our first home in a small suburb last fall and are now working on remodels, upgrades, and as the name of this site suggests, growing food! 

We signed up for a local CSA this year, and volunteered to be a neighborhood dropoff/pickup location, but we have long desired to grow our own food, as well. Though we are at no risk of turning our entire yard into a densely packed farm like we've seen people all over the Internet doing (and great for them! What they do is amazing!), we have small children whom we'd like to have lots of yard to run in, and we rather like grass, to be honest. So, we've chosen some areas of the property to grow our delicious varieties on, as well as plenty of pollenator-friendly plants, and would someday like to be able to afford to buy or build a greenhouse. Perhaps on our next property purchase, we'll set up an aquaponic garden.

For now, we dream, we learn, and we grow- in many ways. Our children are 2, 4, and 6 years old, and if we never achieve any sort of lowered grocery expense, we hope to at least teach our children about self-sustainability, gardening basics, and the importance of providing plenty of food for pollenators. 

Follow us along our journey, and if you are also growing things, or even just getting started, please share your stories! We'd love to see your pictures, as well. Thank you so much for stopping by!